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Peter Solti Peter Solti
You might say Peter is the soul of Green Apple Landscaping having started Green Apple with a vision of creating a company where "The Customer Is Always Right” has meaning. He believes in honesty as a way of life and built the company while always maintaining respect for his employees. Peter handles production and estimation and has 30 years of experience in this industry. He is also an accredited Certified Landscape Professional. Some may call him granola, having been a committed environmentalist before it was fashionable. He only eats pesticide free food and even grows vegetables in his front yard and on the city boulevard. He is excited about the new “Green Revolution” and is eagerly incorporating more eco-practices into Green Apple's processes. Peter looks forward to Ultimate once a week, where you’ll find him diving and jumping to catch a Frisbee.

Andrea McleanAndrea Mclean
Andrea is our landscape designer; she is the creative force behind Green Apple Landscaping. Her passion for nature, intuitiveness and strong design skills provide our clients with exceptional gardens. Andrea's education includes both a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts & Landscape Architecture, both of which serve her well as a creative and knowledgeable designer. Andrea's graphic eye and sensibility of the landscape and architecture also comes through in her photography. When she isn't sketching, writing or shooting gardens, you can find her walking with her dogs or riding into the sunset on her horse!

John Anthony MorraJohn Anthony Morra
As Green Apple’s Site Foreman and Stone Mason he skillfully crafts our landscaping designs. Having come from a long line of stonemasons reaching back to Italy, he loves stone and brick. John has also inherited an Old World work ethic which shows in his hard work and dedication to every project. When he’s not working in the summer he is zooming around on his sport motorcycle, and in winter he switches to a skidoo back in Newfoundland. But he may have found a new love in our new excavator, which he has named Lucia. John is charming and likeable and has a confidence beyond his years.

George TothGeorge Toth
George masters anything he sets his mind to. He is our Master Carpenter and can build out of wood almost anything a designer can dream up. A former chef and landscaper, George found his calling as a carpenter. This is evident in the quality and precision of his woodworking. In his spare time he builds reproduction furniture and likes to hop on his mountain bike. If you want to get George to smile, bring him a decent espresso.

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